Younghusband To Play 2 Rough Trade Instores [Jan 2016]

Younghusband are set to play two Rough Trade instores in the new year, the first at Rough Trade Nottingham on the 25th January and the second at Rough Trade East on the 29th.

Younghusband first appeared in 2011 and their second LP has been a smoke stack on the road ahead since their 2013 debut ‘Dromes’. While that album defined a scene, this latest one sets them aside. ‘Dissolver’ takes in a wide sweep of guitar music and focuses it into a precisely individual proposition; a sound unto itself that nonetheless garners comparisons with Elliott Smith, The Shoes and Big Star.

Even as they are expertly made, these assured, authoritative songs reveal the band at a tender moment. Find out more about Younghusband on their website and get details on the instores at Rough Trade Nottingham and Rough Trade East.