Upcoming: La Honda – I See Stars (feat. Rumer)

‘I See Stars’, is the debut album from La Honda, an album of previously-unreleased material from lead-singer Sarah Joyce (now better known as the multi-platinum selling Rumer), song-writing guitarist Malcolm Doherty, drummer Dave Roberts and bassist Mark-George Brown.

Twelve years after recording the album, the original multi-track tapes were found and Malcolm and Sarah set to work remixing the songs with acclaimed producer Brian O’Shaugnessy (Primal Scream, Felt) and mastering the album at legendary Abbey Road Studios. A couple of the multi-track tapes were either missing or recorded over, so the album contains desk mixes that were left exactly as they were at the time of recording.

Most of the songs are original songs written by Malcolm, but the album also includes a cover of The Flaming Lips ‘Moth In the Incubator’ and Baxendale’s ‘Music For Girls’. The final track on the album, the aptly titled ‘The One That Got Away’ was co-written by Sarah herself (her first composition) and provided a glimpse of the song-writing talent emerging in this young woman later to be internationally recognised as Rumer.

The result, ‘I See Stars’, is a beautifully-constructed, admittedly naive set of songs, inspired by the wide-eyed optimism of the 60s, and the equally-halcyon days of its band members.