The Official 2014 Poppy Appeal Single: Joss Stone [feat. Jeff Beck] – No Man’s Land (Green Fields Of France)

Grammy and Brit Award singer Joss Stone has teamed up with guitar legend Jeff Beck to record this year’s official Poppy Appeal single.

The single is a soulful cover of Eric Bogle’s ‘No Man’s Land (Green Fields of France)’ to mark the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of the First World War and to raise funds for the 2014 Poppy Appeal. Reflecting on the grave of a young man (Willie McBride) who died during the First World War, its chorus refers to two famous pieces of military music, “The Last Post” and “The Flowers of the Forest”.

Joss says about the new single “The song is about a soldier, Willie McBride, but when we started looking into who Willie was, we found no less than three men that it could have been – then we realised that finding him was not actually as important as what he and this song stand for, peace and the sacrifice made by so many.”

The Poppy Appeal is The Royal British Legion’s largest annual charity campaign. In a little over two weeks, some 45 million poppies will be distributed by 350,000 dedicated collectors with the aim of raising £40 million.

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