The Felice Brothers – Favorite Waitress

Taking it to another level whilst keeping alive the great Folk/Rock movement, in ‘Favorite Waitress’, The Felice Brothers have delivered the album of their career. The new album marks the first time the band have ever recorded in a proper studio, produced by the band’s longtime producer and collaborator Jeremy Backofen, the album is their most fully realized statement yet.

The Felice Brothers kicked off in 2006. They did what any delinquent youths, lost in upstate New York with dim job prospects would do, become obsessed with traveling the world and playing extremely loud rock and roll. After settling on minor matters like who plays what (Ian Felice- vocals/guitar, James Felice- accordion/keys/vocals, Greg Farley- fiddle/vocals, Josh Rawson- bass/vocals. Recent addition David Estabrook- old friend/new drummer – completes the current line up), the band procured instruments, cans of sardines and packed up tents and devoted their lives to studying the art of song craft. It was a long way to the top.

Label: Dualtone
UPC: 803020167223
Catalogue Number: DUA1672
Release Date: 9 June 2014