Simpson Cutting Kerr – Murmurs

“It is so incredibly exciting. Andy and Nancy have been brilliant. Sheer joy!”

Andy Cutting and Nancy Kerr have been as enthusiastic about working with Martin Simpson as he clearly has about working with them. This incredible meeting of musicians, three masters of their respective crafts, came about when Martin’s wife wondered out loud why on earth he wasn’t making music with Andy and Nancy when it was quite clear that he should be!

The die was cast and the timing fortunate; their busy diaries were able to accommodate a successful tour in September 2014 and, at the beginning of 2015, the recording of this album and planning for another, more extensive tour starting in June.

Splendid reworkings of traditional songs, including a masterful version of ‘broken-token’ ballad ‘The Plains of Waterloo’, sit beautifully alongside original songs like ‘Dark Honey’, Nancy Kerr’s musings on how bees adapt to live in a world of humans, and Martin’s ‘Dark Swift and Bright Swallow’ his recollection of seeing the first swallow of the year on Slapton Sands, the site of a World War II tragedy some 70 years before.

Recorded with award-winning producer Andy Bell, these are songs that communicate to the listener a sense of bonded musicianship, a real feeling and empathy for each others’ playing and a collective love and innate understanding of the music.

Label: Topic Records
UPC: 714822059121 / 714822059114
Catalogue Number: TSCD591 / TXCD591
Release Date: 8 June 2015