Rebel Tumbao

This debut recording by Rebel Tumbao is unique bilingual stew of Cuban, Jamaican and American roots music with a playful, swinging quality and sense of spontaneity. It features the powerhouse vocals of Toussaint “The Liberator” Yeshua with special guests, Salsa music’s premier sonero, Herman Olivera and Marcos Bermudez.

Rebel Tumbao, was conceived out of deep frustration and concern for the state of the world, Its visionaries, world renowned percussionist José Claussell and pianist Matt Jenson joined forces in a mission to create a distinctive sound, kick open the door to people’s consciousness and bring forth a new voice in the struggle for social justice.

The lyrics on the original compositions, “The Story”, “Masters of Greed” and “Your First Million”, feature sharp commentary about the need for serious change in our society. Along with this original material are heartfelt renditions of Bob Marley’s classic compositions, “Natural Mystic”, “Turn Your Lights Down Low”, “Sun is Shining” and “Rebel Music”. And there’s a beautifully executed fusion of “Exodus” with John Coltrane’s “A Love Supreme” that transports the listener to a mystic place.

Personnel: Matt Jenson (piano, organ, Fender Rhodes, percussion), Jose Claussell (percussion, vocals, Spanish lyrics, backing vocals), Toussaint “The Liberator” Yeshua (lead vocals), Ruben Rodriguez (bass), Orlando Vega, Anthony Carillo (percussion), Angel Subero, Squantch, Scott Flynn (trombone), Catherine Russell, Cleveland Jones (backing vocals) with special guests vocalists Herman Olivera & Marcos Bermudez.

Label: Sacred Rhythm Music
UPC: 700261392899
Catalogue Number: SRM1002
Release Date: 23 February 2015

Sacred Rhythm Music Mission Statement:
Prominent Music Producer, Remixer and DJ Joaquin Joe Claussell founded Sacred Rhythm Music & Cosmic Arts in 2006. The desire to bring the world together through the guidance of music is the heart of the Sacred Rhythm mission, arising naturally as an echo of Praise for what we see as a higher power. Good music harnessed with a sincere vibration of love, devotion and truth guides and energizes our quest to provide a Home that nourishes great artists, who creatively relate to our philosophy. In this new space, we weave a new one-world fabric of tangible unity.

The philosophy behind our way of producing and nourishing music and visual compositions is rooted in our principles: determination, devotion, optimism, openness to both light and darkness, and forward thinking. This foundation enables us to have a better understanding of the world, adapt to current trends, and then profoundly create, then dictate, the genre of music that we ultimately breathe and live.

Founded on dance music with roots to the motherland, Sacred Rhythm Music & Cosmic Arts has naturally grown through the realms of melody, groove, design and rhythm and has broken into new space, creating our own genre. Our music is meant to connect to and heal the mind, heart and soul– but also to evoke the spirits from within so they groove their asses off.

Having communicated all above, we know that we can not rely on words to do justice in conveying what Sacred Rhythm Music & Cosmic Arts, and the artist who bless us, are all about.
And so we invite everyone to enter our world of universal conscious soul, dance and truce music.

Make sure that you enter with an open mind and listen closely, because only then will you be able to appreciate the sonic uniqueness of our ear elixir and healing vibrations.