Real World 25 – reviewed

Real World 25 is the beautifully packaged new release which tells the story of 25 Years of Real World Records. The boxset includes a clamshell box with 3 CD wallets and 28 page booklet which includes a collection of Real World Tales with contributions from musicians, producers, designer and managers.

48 tracks trace the history of the label – CD1 brings together tracks that have been significant highlights or ‘classic’ points in the label’s history; CD2 delves deeper into the catalogue, shining a light on some tracks that beg rediscovery; the buried treasures and CD3 is the listeners’ choice – we asked people to choose their favourite Real World track.

Find out more about the new compilation here. Read the reviews below.

“One of the most adventurous of the great British record labels … Real World changed the musical landscape ā€“ and this album shows exactly how and why.”The Guardian ****

“Never before (or possibly since) has one record label taken music from so many different sources and thrown them all together into one mixing pot. With artists from over 40 countries, Real World 25 truly is a musical extravaganza.”Louder Than War 10/10

Real World 25 - MOJO Review   Real World 25 - Sunday Times review
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