Paul Carrack – The Best Of

A brand new career spanning Best Of that includes all the hit singles off the latest studio album ‘Rain or Shine’ as well as a rare version of ‘The Living Years’.

Paul Carrack’s middle name should be prolific. He knows that when you’re on a roll, you don’t take your foot off the gas. That’s why he unveiled another outstanding addition to his album catalogue in ‘Rain or Shine’, barely a year after the last, and why he’s back on the road just a few months after the completion of his most successful tour to date.

As a hugely popular recording and touring artist, the voice behind a songbook of household hits and the owner of his own label, Carrack is an independent, one-man engine room. He has staying power that would put young artists to shame, this far along the line, Paul Carrack is still at the top of his game and still out there proving it every night.

“The options are, get stuck in and do as much as you possibly can, or get fat and lazy,” he says. “I think work’s quite good for you.”

Label: Carrack UK
UPC: 5052442005636
Catalogue Number: PCARCD24
Release Date: 8 September 2014