New Signing: The Lights Label

The Lights Label was born out of a need to allow the world to hear some great music that might ordinarily slip the net. It’s a song thing through and through… The Silver Seas (Nashville, TN) ‘Chateau Revenge!’ album was the first release on the label in 2011. They’ve featured on Jools Holland’s ‘Later With…’ and have since gone on to play a number of tours and festivals in the UK. They followed up with 2013’s ‘Alaska’ – their critically acclaimed ‘country’ record.

The Lights Label picked up Lapland (Brooklyn, NY) in mid-2013 and will be releasing their eponymous debut in March 2014.

Lapland is the moniker for the music of singer/songwriter Josh Mease. Born in a tiny half-bedroom in Brooklyn, Mease has always found comfort in the solitude of his own thoughts, often preferring the landscapes within his mind’s eye over the bustle of the city that surrounds him.

Lapland’s debut album showcases Mease’s knack for mixing various genres. One can hear the effect of the myriad of music styles and genres that have shaped Lapland – Early synth pioneers of the 60s and 70s, French Impressionists like Ravel and Debussy, and 1970s staples like Fleetwood Mac.

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