Mull Historical Society to play Rough Trade In-store

Mull Historical Society will be performing live in-store at Rough Trade West on April 8, 6pm to support the release of the latest album Dear Satellite released on the same day.

Dear Satellite is ten tracks of floating, positive, texturally diverse pop songs. The spring morning brightness spread across ‘Sleepy Hollow’ and ‘This Little Sister’ may leap you into optimistic, slightly cheerful abandon but ‘Why Do They Go So Soon’ wrings a little melancholy into the warmth. The odd off-key whistling underpinning the rhyming acoustic pop of ‘Bones’ meshes the weird elements you’d have expected from MHS of old, while the chiming synth-drive of ‘The Ballad of Ivor Punch’ reaches into indie rock circa 2005. ‘All the Love Remains’ and ‘Each Other’ captures the sweet and serious strumming that MHS has made his own, while the album closes with the reflective, sky-and-soul-searching ‘Farewell to Finisterre’, continuing the seeming interest of Xtra Mile Recordings’ bands in space and star gazing.

Colin says: “I couldn’t be happier with the album. It is 10 songs, 36 minutes, and it feels like a perfect distillation of what I can do, and my best work. I’ve really pushed myself as a songwriter and tried to challenge myself to evolve sonically and capture a unique atmosphere within the album. There is a lot of space in it, lushness, but also it feels punchy and melodically pop. It is about home, getting home, leaving home, finding home, whatever planet or street or field you live on. Whatever home means to you. I’m so excited to see it enter the world. It looks bloody good too!”

‘Dear Satellite’ follows a mammoth 2015 for Colin which saw him celebrate 15 years since his first MHS release ‘Barcode Bypass’, unveil his first ‘Best of’ collection on double vinyl for Record Store Day, and publish his first novel, The Letters of Ivor Punch, which also won the Edinburgh International Book Festival’s First Book award. It will be released in paperback edition the day before his birthday and the release of ‘Dear Satellite’.