MDG Sign to Proper

Proper Music Distribution is delighted to welcome MDG to the growing list of classical labels we represent in the UK.

The production philosophy of this small but fine German company MDG (Musikproduktion Dabringhaus und Grimm) may be summed up as follows: “as little equipment as possible for as much natural sound as possible.”

MDG started in 1978 and released their first CD in 1982. By the turn of the new century, their recordings had gained a fantastic reputation in the audiophile world, not least of all by their exploration of the works of little known composers. The year 2000 also enabled MDG to present their pioneering new surround sound system, 2+2+2 on DVD Audio which went on to earn them the ‘Audiophile Reference Development Award’ and ‘Outstanding Innovation in the Field of Classical Music’.

In 2002, MDG released the world’s first Hybrid-DVD Audio disc and in 2004 published their first Hybrid SACD, something they continue to this day using their innovative 2+2+2 surround sound recording system. Their pioneering techniques continue to this day and in 2012 they published their first Pure Audio Blu Ray disc. 2015 will bring their first recording on the new Auro 3D sound format.

An essential element of MDG’s philosophy is the provision of authoritative textual commentaries and a production quality which represents recorded sound at its best.

Today, more than thirty five years later, MDG is a label which stands for the highest quality and expertise in the field of classical music.