Luke Daniels – Singing Ways to Feel More Junior

Luke Daniels’ new album Singing Ways to Feel More Junior is an intriguingly varied selection of smart new songs for “grown ups” everywhere in which each track carves out its own unique space with the clever use of children’s rhymes and female allegory. Gender equality, addiction, upgraded humans, childhood consumerism and Donald Trump are all examined via masterful acoustic folk encompassing humble woodnotes to syrupy synthesized twists. A salutatory reminder that folk music should be inspirational, comforting and need not be the preserve of the exponents of its authenticity.

Like his previous two albums, this is the sound of someone using folk themes as a vehicle for self-realisation, and discovering that the traditional, experimental and personal can combine in such a way so as to harmonise everyday life for all ages.

Label: Gael Music
UPC: 0652508443508
Catalogue Number: GAEL017
Release Date: 24 November 2017