John Reilly – Peace Sign Added To The BBC Core Christmas Playlist

John Reilly’s Christmas single Peace Sign has recently been added to the BBC Core Christmas Playlist, it is a song with an inclusive message that transcends all boundaries of creed, gender and colour, calling for us all to face these troubled times and show our solidarity with a peace sign. The song is anthemic, empowering and filled with ‘the goosebump factor’ that great Christmas hits have.

From the unforgettable opening theme with piano and bells, the song just builds and builds with E Street Band style drums, bass, organ and horns. Reilly’s inspirational vocal and lyrics challenge the stoniest of cynical hearts with an emotional call to stand up and be counted in a fight against intolerance and ignorance.

“Father, brother, sister, mother. We’re all born with different creeds and colours but there’s no child born better than another. It’s just what we do with our alloted time”