We are always looking for quality, experienced staff that can improve our organisation. If there are no jobs posted below, please feel free to send in a CV and covering letter anyway and address it to the HR Manager.

Warehouse Operative

As the UK’s largest independent physical music distributor, we are always seeking skilled and enthusiastic warehouse staff. Employees in the warehouse work at the heart of our organisation and are vital to the day-to-day operation of our business.

Warehouse Operatives each form part of a team of employees in a friendly working environment in south east London, where efficiency and attention to detail is key. Duties are cycled over the course of employment to ensure that each member of the team gains experience in each of the departments, which include:

  • Goods In
  • Picking orders
  • Despatch
  • Returns
  • Exports
  • Replenishment
  • Other miscellaneous duties

Warehouse experience is preferred, but not necessary. You will need to be physically fit, with good spoken and written English and basic numerical skills.

Please contact with your CV to apply for a position.

Junior Software Developer

Currently accepting applicants – SOA

We are currently seeking applicants for a Software Developer role within our IT Department. This is a fantastic opportunity for an enthusiastic individual to enter at the ground floor of business development at Proper Music Distribution Ltd, the UK’s largest truly independent music distributor.

Practical programming knowledge in any common language (C family, Java, PHP, Javascript) is preferred, but not necessary. In addition, SQL Knowledge but would be hugely beneficial (SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Sybase, Oracle etc) for any applicants.

This is an entry level position, so applicants with little experience who are enthusiastic about leaning new and useful skills, whilst working in a fast paced and exciting industry will be considered.

Preferred Experience

  • Worked as a programmer in a business environment
  • Self-Taught programmer
  • Studied development / Computer science
  • Worked as a programmer in an academic environment

Outlook and Attitude

  • Enthusiasm is key
  • Self-directed learning
  • Passion for creating useful tools for all users and employees across all departments


  • Learning about the business
    • A developer’s primary responsibility is to provide tools to fit the needs of the business
    • The successful candidate will be expected to get involved in the business at every level, from warehouse to accounting to sales
    • The candidate will apply knowledge gained from experience to their work
  • Learning Clarion as a programming language in order to maintain the system
    • Clarion is a 4GL, business database language that prioritises speedy and reliable development
    • Learning will be largely self-directed. Training material can be provided as well as having a seasoned developer on hand to answer any questions
  • Monitoring of server processes and applications
  • Collect requirements from around the company to inform development work

Starting with small, self-contained projects, the new developer will be expected to slowly increase their profile within the organisation, eventually becoming the first line of software support for our in house systems for the benefit of the company and its clients.

Please send a CV and covering letter to