Ibibio Sound Machines debut album at No. 8 in Time Outs Best Albums of 2014

We delighted that Ibibio Sound Machines self-titled debut is number eight in Time Outs Best Albums of 2014.

Ibibio Sound Machine released their debut back in March on Soundway Records. Fronted by British/Nigerian vocalist Eno Williams, they combine elements of West African highlife, disco, post-punk & psychedelic electro soul. From the banging sub-bass of ‘Lets Dance’ to the spiritual, gospel-tinged notes of the album’s opening track ‘Voice of the Bird’, the band have turned in a dynamic and, at times, beautiful take on modern afro-soul music.

Time Outs Oliver Keens says of the debut album:

It’s hard to imagine the eight diverse members of this group coalescing anywhere but London, and they drew on lead singer Eno Williams’s south-east Nigeria heritage for this outstanding debut, sung mostly in the regional dialect of Ibibio. All combined with the brassy flair of Afrofunk, the sass of Grace Jones and the machine groove of deep house.