Huey and the New Yorkers – Say It To My Face

Fun Lovin’ Criminals frontman, songwriter, broadcaster and actor Huey Morgan releases his eagerly awaited debut solo album “Say It To My Face”.

“Say It To My Face” is drenched with the same omnipresent effortless cool of Morgan’s famous gritty vocal style and deft blues licks. Morgan abundantly explores the roots and soul influences on his solo material that he’s become celebrated for sharing on his BBC Radio show.

The album is a bold, beautiful, poignant, funny, profoundly authentic old-school rock ‘n’ roll blast, his baritone croon now giving Tom Waits a considerable run for his tobacco-flavoured money. It’s a New York Blues bonanza packed full with songs about the human condition.

Label: Naim Edge
UPC: 797537118024
Catalogue Number: NAIMCD180
Release Date: 29th October 2012