Frank Carter Wins Spirit of Punk Award at the Kerrang! Awards 2016

Congratulations to Frank Carter who took home the Spirit of Punk award at last nights Kerrang! Awards in London. Now in its 23rd year, the Kerrang! Awards has became one of Britain’s most recognized award events.

“I’m just a year older than Kerrang! And every day my knees hurt and I’m out of breath putting my socks on,” says Kerrang! Editor James McMahon. “But what the night’s mayhem confirmed to me, is that even three and a half decades into it’s existence, Kerrang! is as fit and lithe as it’s ever been. No other brand could unite stars old and new like Kerrang!. Bound by booze, yes, but by a shared spirit and passion for rock ‘n’ roll too.”

You can find out more about the nights events and the full list of winners on the Kerrang! website.

Following the award win Frank commented on Twitter “Holy shit! I won the Spirit of Punk award!! Thank you @KerrangMagazine”