Featured Label: Just Music

Just MusicJust Music was founded in 2001 by former China Records (Morcheeba, Art of Noise, Levellers) MD John Benedict and his partner, Serena. It is a fiercely independent music label in partnership with its artists offering the very best in cutting-edge electronica, acoustic, ambient, down-tempo laid back grooves and chill. Their ethos is making great music with integrity.

Just Music are passionate about their artists and the exceptional quality of the music they release and choose to only work with artists in whose artistic and musical ability and moral integrity they believe in one hundred percent. As a result the label have a wonderful and inspiring team of musicians around them.

The labels latest release is the debut from the newest member to the Just Music fold, Sam Thomas. Sam Thomas’ Blind Theatre presents a multi-hued aural and emotional journey, ebbing and flowing between stretches of pastoral calm and huge, swelling crescendos constructed from soaring walls of guitars and strings.

Next up from Just is the original score by Jon Hopkins for the motion picture How I Live Now. The album includes a Jon Hopkins remix of the Daughter track Home and a brooding and sensual collaboration between Hopkins and Natasha Khan aka Bat For Lashes on the track Garden’s Heart. Watch the video (directed by Natasha) here:

The original soundtrack is scored by Jon Hopkins, composer, producer and longterm collaborator of Brian Eno and Coldplay. Featuring some of his darkest, most nihilistic work to date, the score is built from two contrasting elements – atonal, sub-terrestrial drones with a backbone of pounding rhythms, and sublimely pastoral acoustic piano. These two opposing musical forces guide the viewer through the film, by turns disturbing and beautifully meditative. The centrepiece of the score is the track The Hawk, a timeless and heartbreaking theme that recurs throughout the film.

Just Music was created to be a vehicle to marry idealism – the music and the imagery – with realism – the harsh judgemental and ever changing marketplace, and to do this with commercial integrity and without artistic compromise.

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