Featured Label: In-Akustik Records

In-Akustik Records grew from the realisation at In-Akustik, a leading hi-end audio company, that good hardware can only be recognised by good music. And good music only sounds good with good cables. “inak” (now: in-akustik) was setup in 1980 and quickly made a name for itself as a good provider of Blues, Rock, Jazz and Contemporary Instrumental Music. Even then, only state-of-the-art recordings were accepted and today their recordings are often used at high-end trade fairs and similar events to demonstrate the quality of the hardware.

Upcoming releases from In-Akustik include Otis Taylor’s fourteenth album ‘Hey Joe Opus Red Meat’ and ‘Spirit On A Mission’ the new studio album from Michael Schenker.

On ‘Hey Joe Opus Red Meat’, Taylor presents a meticulously crafted collection of songs and instrumentals and is only akin to his preceding recordings in that the music again resists easy categorization. Blues and Folk elements are a key part of this, but his cutting edge approach also draws on Psychedelic Rock, Jazz and Americana to create a hybrid that he calls Trance Blues.

‘Spirit On A Mission’ features classic rock guitar-driven songs that highlight Schenker’s distinctive and dynamic guitar playing, valiantly underpinned by the ferocious rhythm section of Francis Buchholz and Herman Rarebell.

Find out more about In-Akustik on their website here.