Featured Label: Big Chill

Big ChillThe Big Chill Label was founded by visionary Pete Lawrence who co founded The Big Chill. The label is eclectic like the festival it is named after and was setup with the intention to harvest the best independent music in a diversity of genres, to literally be a festival of independent music where what matters is ‘how good’ it is rather than how fashionable or commercial it might be.

Recent signings to the label are John Turrell (of Smoove and Turrell) and his eagerly awaited debut solo album, the Afro Funk Kalakute Millionares, indie folksters, Zoe Konez and Strange Billy The Saint and Bernadette Pike and Soul blues diva Jo Harman (who recently signed to V2 in Benelux) and is working with members of the Average White Band on a side project plus the label is also home to the like of John Metcalfe, Chris Coco, Tom Middleton and will be releasing new material by Alucidnation and Artec.

The Kingmaker has afforded John the opportunity to really explore the soul and blues roots of his extraordinary and critically acclaimed voice. John initially emerged as one half of the band Smoove and Turrell who have been releasing music since 2009 and their third album is due later in 2013. John has delivered twelve stunning raw vocal performances on emotionally searing tracks like The Temper (“I’m the temper, how you gonna like me now?”) and Low (“Said you regret it, please don’t sweat it. I have no time for automated replies”) and the album’s breathtaking closer Home.