Dengue Fever – The Deepest Lake

Dengue Fever is in the vanguard of an emerging global pop sensibility, making music that’s both familiar, yet eerily unique.

With five full length releases, the Los Angeles sextet Dengue Fever easily blends rhythms of ’60s Cambodian Pop – heavily influenced by American surf, rock and early psychedelic garage bands – with their own unique eclectic mix of American and International styles.

With their first release in close to 4 years, The Deepest Lake finds the band exploring new sonic soundscapes with foray’s into funky Latin beats, Cambodian hip-hop, perfectly synched X (the band) like dual vocals, while still maintaining the bands signature sound that has thrilled audiences from Russia to SE Asia, from Mexico to Brazil and Europe, New Zealand and Australia.

Label: Tuk Tuk Records
UPC: 020286217565
Catalogue Number: TT007CD
Release Date: 2 February 2015