Ciaran Lavery Wins the Northern Ireland Music Prize 2016

Congratulations to singer-songwriter Ciaran Lavery who won the Northern Ireland Music Prize last Friday at the awards show in Belfast.

The artist’s second album, ‘Let Bad In’ was selected as the best release by a broad selection of music industry and media figures from Northern Ireland.

This year has been an incredible year already for Lavery, from clocking up over 56 million streams on Spotify, to performing at Willie Nelson’s range as part of SXSW in Austin, Texas, as well as touring the USA, Canada and Europe.

Charlotte Dryden, CEO of Oh Yeah, Belfast’s dedicated music hub said: “The shortlist was outstanding again this year, but Ciaran Lavery is such a worthy winner. Northern Irish artists are doing us proud, locally, nationally and internationally making an impact. The Sound of Belfast festival programme continues to promote the great potential and celebrated names of NI Music from grassroots to celebrated names. Ciaran Lavery is an artist to be celebrated and we think he has an amazing future ahead of him.”